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Pueraria Mirifica : Farming

Pueraria Mirifica The Pueraria Mirifica is cultivated in the North of
as well as in some parts of Burma.

It prefers to grow in wet or very wet regions, or even in
tropical forests.

Farms in the North of the country are specialized in this farming since the "boom" of the Pueraria Mirifica.

The discovery of the properties is very recent and allows considering multiple possibilities.
Pueraria Mirifica is already present in several cosmetic products

Tests have been made on the volume of Phytoestrogens in Pueraria Mirifica roots resulting from
three North main regions of the Thailand : Chiangmai, Lumpoon, and Saraburi.

These tests have showed that the presence of Phytoestrogens is the most important with the
aged already 12 months and that the concentration rate is more important with the roots of the regions of Lumpoon, and Saraburi. Here are the measured rates: 30.62, 69.61, and 61.76 µg for 100 mg of powder of root of Pueraria Mirifica. See the test in here